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إدوارد إد ثيودور جين (بالإنجليزية: Ed Gein أو Edward Theodore Gein)‏ - (27 أغسطس 1906 - يوليو 1984) المعروف أيضًا باسم جزار بلينفيلد أو غول بلينفيلد، كان قاتلًا أمريكيًا مدانًا. جرائمه، التي ارتكبت حول مسقط رأسه في بلينفيلد، ويسكونسن. Directed by Chuck Parello. With Steve Railsback, Carrie Snodgress, Carol Mansell, Sally Champlin. The story of Ed Gein, who dug up the corpses of over a dozen women and made things out of their remains before finally shooting two people to death and butchering their bodies like beef sides Ed Gein was a notorious killer and grave robber. His activities inspired the creation of some of Hollywood's most infamous characters, including Norman Bates of 'Psycho.

Ed Gein, American serial killer whose gruesome crimes gained worldwide notoriety and inspired popular books and films, notably three of the most influential horror/thriller movies ever made: Psycho (1960), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), and The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Learn more about Gein's life and crimes Ed Gein, otherwise known as the Butcher of Plainfield, was always a little bit off. Ed Gein's Early Life And His First Murder. His teachers and classmates at his elementary school recall him being shy but having strange mannerisms, such as bursting out in fits of laughter, apparently at his own internal monologue If You Like This Video , Subscribe www.youtube.com/user/TheDOC2013?sub_confirmation=1Ed Gein - The Real Leatherface (Serial Killer Documentary)Ed Gain is con.. Ed Gein's Disturbing Childhood. Born Edward Theodore Gein on Aug. 27, 1906, in La Crosse, Wisconsin, his parents were by all accounts a mismatched pair for such a vulnerable young boy. His father, George, was an alcoholic which meant that the boy was largely watched over by his mother, Augusta. Augusta, meanwhile, was a complete religious fanatic Ed Gein Interview: On January 22, 1958 journalist Stavo Churchola interviewed Edward Gein, the notorious Wisconsin murderer who inspired Robert Bloch to writ..

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  1. Ed Gein's neighbor, Bob Hill, looks on in horror while standing in the interior doorway of Gein's house. The filthy, cluttered bedroom of Ed Gein. Gein boarded up rooms used by his mother, leaving them untouched and pristine as the rest of the house became increasingly squalid. Curiosity seekers peering into kitchen window at Ed Gein's house
  2. e Gein, in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. He was the younger of their two sons , first being Henry.
  3. d of one of America's most notorious murderers set to a unique musical score
  4. der dan drie moorden heeft gepleegd, kan hij niet worden gedefinieerd als seriemoordenaar.Op zijn daden zijn een aantal horrorverhalen en -films gebaseerd, zoals Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs en The Texas Chain Saw Massacr
  5. The Gein Family . Ed, his older brother, Henry, his father, George, and his mother, Augusta, lived on a farm a few miles outside Plainfield. George was an alcoholic, and Augusta, a religious fanatic, was a demanding and overbearing woman
  6. Edward Gein (1906-1984) was arrested on November 16, 1957 when the disemboweled and decapitated body of a local hardware store owner who went missing that morning was found hanging upside down in his dilapidated farmhouse in Plainfield, Wisconsin.Investigators later discovered the remains of an unknown number of victims scattered throughout the house
  7. Edward Theodore Ed Gein (August 27, 1906 - July 26, 1984) was an American murderer and body snatcher. His crimes, which he committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, garnered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin

艾德·蓋恩(Edward Theodore Gein,愛德華·西奧多·蓋恩,小名艾德(Ed),1906年8月27日-1984年7月26日)是美國十分有名的連環殺手。 雖然他「只」犯了三級謀殺,但他對其受害者的所作所為卻震驚了整個世界。他犯了謀殺、毀屍、盜墓、食人和戀屍癖等罪 Profile #4 - Ed Gein: Dubbed the Butcher of Plainfield (Wisconsin), Ed Gein was grave-robber, murderer, necrophile and (possible) serial killer, who exhumed the corpses of freshly deceased women to fashion himself a woman suit and re-animate his beloved dead mother. Height: 5 foot 7 inches (1.7 m Edward Theodore Ed Gein (August 27, 1906 - July 26, 1984) was not an American serial killer.Gein was found guilty of only two murders.Gein is considered by many to be even more well known because of several movies that were based in part on him. He was also known as The Butcher of Plainfield, The Plainfield Butcher, The Mad Butcher and The Plainfield Ghou

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Edward Gein nasceu em Las Crosse County, Wisconsin, em 27 de agosto de 1906, é o segundo filho de George Phillip Gein (1873-1940) e Augusta Wihelmine Gein, nascida Lehrke (1878-1945). Edward tinha um irmão mais velho, Henry George Gein (1901-1944). Augusta desprezava o marido, um alcóolatra que era incapaz de manter um emprego; ele trabalhou. Edward Theodore Ed Gein (27. elokuuta 1906 Vernon County, Wisconsin - 26. heinäkuuta 1984) oli eräs Yhdysvaltain historian tunnetuimpia ja erikoisimpia murhaajia. Wisconsinilaisessa Plainfieldin pikkukylässä elänyt Gein ryösti hautoja ja surmasi ainakin kaksi naista. Uhrien ruumiista hän valmisti itselleen vaatteita, astioita, huone- ja tarvekaluja Ed Gein lahir di La Crosse County, Wisconsin, pada 27 Agustus 1906, anak kedua dari dua anak laki-laki pasangan George Philip Gein (1873-1940)) dan Augusta Wilhelmine (née Lehrke) Gein (1878-1945). Gein memiliki seorang kakak lelaki bernama Henry George Gein (1901-1944)

Ed Gein. Edward Theodore Gein (ur. 27 sierpnia 1906 w La Crosse w stanie Wisconsin, zm. 26 lipca 1984 w Madison) - amerykański morderca zwany Rzeźnikiem z Plainfield. Pomimo zarzutu licznych mordów udowodniono mu zabójstwo tylko dwóch kobiet: Bernice Worden i Mary Hogan Edward Theodore Ed Gein, född 27 augusti 1906 i La Crosse i Wisconsin, död 26 juli 1984 på Mendota Mental Health Institute i Madison i Wisconsin, var en amerikansk mördare.Han blev ökänd på grund av nekrofiliskt beteende (vilket involverade att skinnflå sina offer och gräva upp lik; han dekorerade sitt hem med likdelar och skapade kläder och möbler av deras skinn) Chicago Tribune. (1968年11月15日). Ed Gein, 62, the recluse who horrified the nation in 1957 when the remains of 11 bodies were found on his farm, was ruled today to have been insane when he killed a Plainfield, Wis., woman.(「1957年、自身の農場で11体の遺体が発見されたことでアメリカを恐怖に陥れた隠遁. Ed Gein vagyonának sorsa. Ed Gein házát és a 175 hektáros ingatlanát 4700 dollárra becsülték (ami 2019-ben 42 000 dollárnak felelt meg). Vagyonainak eladását 1958. március 30-án tervezték árverésre bocsájtani, a házat és a földet, amelyen állt, később turisztikai látványosságnak minősítették át Ed Gein - A Complete Story of the Real American Psycho. As a little boy, Tobe Hooper (the writer and director of TCM), while visiting relatives in Wisconsin, subconsciously suppressed the nightmarish tales of a reclusive farmer who was convicted for necrophilia, cannibalism, and murder. These stories of Ed Gein making masks from the skins of.

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Edward Gein has served as the inspiration for such movies as The Silence of the Lambs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This book gives an overview of the facts of the case. It is followed by trial transcripts from Gein's 1968 trial as well as psychologists testimony. It is very informative Ed Gein's childhood was a cause for much confusion. He was often verbally abused by his mother, yet he worshipped her all the same. He had an alcoholic father who was a non-factor in his life. It is possible that with nobody to vent to in his life, Gein's mind was driven off the socially acceptable path. The antisocial nature of Ed was a result. Ed Gein and his brother Henry were raised by a domineering mother on their 160-acre farm seven miles outside Plainfield, Wisconsin. She was a very religious woman with a protective attitude towards her boys and a definite conviction of sin. She discouraged them from women and kept them busy with farm work Serial killer Ed Gein (1906-1984) of Plainfield, Wisconsin, was the inspiration for the villains of several gruesome horror films, including Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, and Norman Bates in Psycho.. SEE ALSO: 10 Of The Most Gruesome Serial Killer Murders Gein's mother, Augusta—a psychotic, manipulative, domineering religious fanatic. Ed Gein resta donc seul avec sa mère, l'unique personne dont il avait besoin. Mais elle mourut peu de temps après, le 29 décembre 1945, après une série d'attaques qui l'avait laissée paralysée. La vie entière d'Ed Gein fut chamboulée et anéantie par son décès

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Edward Theodore Gein [ˈɡiːn], genannt Ed Gein (* 27. August 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin; † 26. Juli 1984 in Madison, Wisconsin), alias Plainfield Ghoul, war ein Mörder, Leichendieb, Grab- und Leichenschänder.Bei Gein waren Leichenteile vieler verschiedener Frauen gefunden worden. Er wurde für die Morde an zwei Frauen verurteilt, jedoch als psychisch krank eingestuft, so dass er bis zu. Ed Gein am Tage seiner Verhaftung. Das Fragten sich auch die Polizisten 1957 in Plainfield, als sie Ed Geins Haus nach dem Befund von Bernice Wordens Leiche durchsuchten. Denn was sie dort fanden, hatte wohl niemand erwartet. Gein hatte eine besondere Vorliebe für Haut, was sich in besonders in seinen Einrichtung bemerkbar macht Ed was responsible for multiple crimes, including the deaths of Mary Hogan in 1954, and Bernice Worden in 1957. It was during the disappearance of Bernice that local law enforcement suspected Gein. In search for Worden, they entered Ed Gein's home and what they found was an absolute horror. Not only did they find the body of Bernice Worden. Although, Ed Gein only killed 2 women, he has a countless number of victims of grave robberies. When Ed was arrested nine masks made of human skin, bowls made of human skulls, human skin cover chair seat, a belt made of human nipples, skulls on his bed post, organs in the fridge, and four noses were all found in his home

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Ed Gein wasn't actually a serial killer — he only admitted to killing two women — rather, he was a body snatcher who had an obsession with his deceased mother, Augusta. After his mother passed. Murderous Minds: Ed Gein examines the twisted psyche of this singular madman, and attempts to discern fact from fiction when it comes to the many depictions of Gein in popular culture. While Psycho, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Silence of the Lambs weren't full-fledged biopics, they all shared gruesome elements of Gein's story Ed Gein committed crimes that make your skin crawl! He was not the most prolific killer, but what he did to his victims is way beyond horrific. Looking at the photos below of his crime scenes actually sheds more light on how fucked up this guy was. In a weird way, you can totally see how Gein's acts of murder were a sign of the times Items found in Ed Gein's Home Four noses Female skulls Whole human fragments and bones Soup bowls made with human skulls Chair seat covers that are made with human skin A lampshade which is made with human face skin Several belts which are made with female nipples Fashionable masks made with human.

Ed Gein, August 27, Edward Theodore Gein popularly known as The Butcher of Plainfield was an American serial killer and body snatcher, Born on August 27, 1906, he admitted to the murder of two women, hardware store owner, Bernice Worden in 1957 and tavern owner Mary Hogan in 1954 all in Plainfield Edward Theodore Gein, detto Ed (La Crosse, 27 agosto 1906 - Madison, 26 luglio 1984), è stato un assassino statunitense.. Dopo la morte del fratello nel maggio 1944, avvenuta in circostanze misteriose, sei persone scomparvero dalle città del Wisconsin di La Crosse e Plainfield tra il 1947 e il 1957. Gein è stato associato solo a due di essi, anche se è sospettato di ulteriori delitti Ed Gein. 4,188 likes. Graham Reynolds - Guitar/vocals Aaron Jenkins - Bass/ vocals Jesse Daino - Drum Ed Gein's murders & mutilations. It was the disappearance of hardware store owner Bernice Worden that led to the arrest of Ed Gein. The deputy sheriff, Frank Worden, was also the son of the missing Wisconsin woman Edward Theodore 'Ed' Gein, infamously known as the 'Butcher of Plainfield,' was an American murderer and body snatcher. Born into a small farming community, he lived an isolated and repressive childhood with little social interaction

Edward Theodore Gein, (AKA The Plainfield Butcher / Plainfield Ghoul/ The ghoul of Plainfield / Grandfather Gore) more commonly known as Ed Gein, was a serial killer who killed two women in the 1940's - 1950's, he was also been implicated in the disappearances / murders of several other woman.I say serial killer because it's generally agreed upon that to be classed as such. Gein was a deeply troubled man, to say the least, and the real horror story lies in Gein's real-life relationship with his mother, Augusta.According to Isthmus, Augusta taught her son that all. Ed Gein is based closely on the life of the famed Wisconsin serial killer. The kind folks in Plainfield, Wis., think Ed Gein is just a shy, eccentric farmer. But Ed knows differently. With the.

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Ed Gein. US American Grindcore/Hardcore Punk band from Syracuse, NY. Name inspired by US American murderer and body snatcher Edward Theodore Ed Gein. In April 2018, it was announced that Ed Gein were disbanding, with the members forming the band Shadow Snakes. More Edward Theodore Ed Gein (August 27, 1906 - July 26, 1984) was an American murderer and body snatcher. His crimes, committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, gathered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin Ed Gein. AKA Edward Theodore Gein. Serial killer and cannibal. Birthplace: La Crosse, WI Location of death: Madison, WI Cause of death: Cancer - unspecified Remains: Burie. [1] Mendota Medical Health Institute Father: George Gein (b. 1876, d. 1940 pneumonia) Mother: Augusta (d. 29-Dec-1945 stroke complications) Brother: Henry (older, b. 17-Jan.

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  1. Edward Gein (27. srpna 1906 - 26. července 1984) byl americký sériový vrah.Všeobecně je považován za kanibala a nekrofila, nikdy ovšem tyto praktiky nepřiznal. Policii tyto domněnky vyvracel se slovy vůbec mi nevoněly. Ed Gein inspiroval spisovatele i filmaře. Stal se synonymem pro tzv. vraha od vedle
  2. al Minds 7 On Cri
  3. Ed Gein was released on VHS by Millennium on July 24, 2001. The film was later released on DVD by First Look Home Entertainment on June 24 that same year, and later by Tartan Video on November 29. On April 22, 2003 it was re-released by First Look as a part of its three-disk box set, which included Dahmer , and Ted Bundy
  4. d and twisted world of The Butcher Of Plainfield.. العنوان الأصلي Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield.

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Ed Gein y sus macabros crímenes inspiraron varias obras clave en la literatura, la música y el cine; como el personaje Norman Bates en la novela de Robert Bloch Psicosis. Más tarde en la película de Hitchcock de 1960. El personaje Leatherface de la saga fílmica de The Texas Chain Saw Massacre está inspirado en Gein Ed Gein himself died in 1984, 10 years after applying unsuccessfully for release from the secure hospital in Wisconsin. He hadn't amassed a single blemish on his incarceration record. (Image: Bettmann/Getty Images) Serial Killer Ed Gein Was a 'Model Patient' After Being Incarcerated for His Gruesome Crimes Ed Gein's house is long gone, but the property where it once stood can be found a few miles outside Plainfield at the south-west corner of 2nd and Archer Ave. In 1914, when Eddie was about 8 years old, the Gein family sold their grocery store in La Crosse and moved to the isolated farmstead outside of Plainfield Ed Gein made headlines around the world, after the barbaric nature of his house of horror was uncovered. Gein's nightmarish story ingrained itself in American culture, and the seemingly quiet. Ed Gein's abusive mother is portrayed in reconstructions in the documentary Credit: Discovery Channel Chairs upholstered with skin and lips used as blind cord. Although locals described him as odd, most felt he was harmless - until November 1957, when hardware store owner Bernice Worden disappeared

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Edward Theodore Gein was a man in Plainfield, Wisconsin that killed two women and mutilated the corpses of nine others in the 1950's. While his body count was low compared to other serial killers, his methods were true horrors. Ed Gein used the skin of his victims to create items in his home, like gloves and a lampshade Ed Gein is a three piece band from Syracuse, NY, which formed in 2001. Each of the three members (guitar, drums, and bass) shared vocal duties equally on the first two albums (It's a Shame a Family Can Be Torn Apart by Something as Simple as a Pack of Wild Dogs and Judas Goats and Dieseleaters) Ed Gein, is an American serial killer, with a scary record of atrocities committed against humanity. History reveals that his childhood had a profound impact on his future behaviour. While it is perceived that serial murders are sadists, the character of Ed was a little bit off.

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  1. Today, Ed Gein is the subject of Unhinged, a true horror novel by Robert Keller. And Gein isn't the only sick historical killer we've profiled, after we told the true story of Rillington Place.
  2. Hay, además, tres películas biográficas: Deranged (1974), que se convirtió en un filme de culto gore, Ed Gein - In the light of moon (2000), la más fiel a la historia real, y Ed Gein: the.
  3. Pasa y lee. Edward Theodore Gein, o Ed Gein, como pasó a la historia, nació un veintisiete de agosto de 1906. Lo hizo en Plainfield, en el condado de La Crosse, Wisconsin (Estados Unidos). Plainfield era lo que comúnmente se conocería como un pueblo en el que todos se conocen
  4. Ed Gein Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Relationship, Girlfriend, Career & Facts Quick Facts. Who Is Ed Gein? Biography And Age. Ed Gein's given name was Edward Theodore Gein, and he was born on August 27, 1906, in... Nationality and Physical Characteristics. Ed Gein was an American.

Ed Gein yapılan araştırmalar sonucu sadece 2 cinayet işlemişti. Bu onu seri katil yapmıyordu çünkü en az 3 kişiyi öldürenler seri katil kategorisine alınıyordu Ed Gein Profile Name: Edward Theodore Gein Birth place: La Crosse Wisconsin Birth date: August, 17, 1906 Died: July, 26, 1984 Parents: George and Augusta Gein Siblings: Henry Gein Number of victims: 2 confirmed, but more suspected Ed Gein was born on August, 17, 1906 to George and Augusta Gein. Ed's father George was On Nov 21, 1957, Gein was arraigned on one count of 1st degree murder where he entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Found mentally incompetent & thus unfit to stand trial, Gein was sent to the Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. There he was referred to as, the perfect patient Edward Theodore Gein, the second son of George Philip Gein and Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse County, Wisconsin

Edward Theodore Gein was born in Wisconsin on August 27, 1906 to parents Augusta and George. George was an alcoholic, while August was insanely religious. When Ed was a small boy, the family moved from the city to an isolated farm in the country, and Augusta only let the children leave to attend school Edward Ed Edd & Eddy Gein (1906, una città del Wisconsin - 1984, un'altra città del Wisconsin) alias Il macellaio di Plainfield alias Il salumiere di Portland fu un carpentiere, attacchista d'arte e ladro di cadaveri a cottimo. Fu anche collegato, senz'altro erroneamente, a due omicidi, anche se c'è chi pensa che ne commise almeno uno per ogni filo d'erba della sua fattoria

Ed Gein is a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 1 Background 2 Presence in San Andreas 2.1 Flint Range 2.2 Ghost Cars 2.3 Palomino Creek 2.4 Bayside 2.5 Fisher's Lagoon 2.6 The Panopticon 3 References 4 See also 5 Navigation Edward Gein was a grave robber and murderer from rural Wisconsin. Although he only officially killed 2 people himself, he admitted to exhuming corpses from as. Ed Gein. Date of birth. 27 August 1906. La Crosse. Edward Theodore Gein. Date of death. 26 July 1984. Madison. Manner of death Edward Gein was one of the worst and most under-the-radar serial killers of all time. Part of this may be due to him being mostly guilty of body snatching. He only ever confessed to two murders.Also, the murders happened in a very small town (Plainfield) in central Wisconsin; a town most people have never heard of. Make no mistake though, Ed Gein was one of the worst of the worst

Ed Gein was a murderer residing in Lacrosse County, Wisconsin who was convicted of murdering a single individual due to the fact of the severity and disturbing nature of his crimes; in addition to murder, Ed Gein was also convicted of kidnapping, illegally-exhuming corpses from local graveyards, necrophilia, and the defacement of human bodies Edward Theodore Gein (27. kolovoza 1906. - 26.srpnja 1984.) jedan od najozloglašenijih američkih serijskih ubojica.. Životopis. Rođen je u državi Wisconsin.Otac, George, bio je nasilni, nezaposleni alkoholičar, a majka, Augusta, fanatični protestant koja je sama izdržavala obitelj. Njegova majka je prezirala njihovog oca ali se nije rastajala zbog strogih religijskih uvjerenja

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Edward Theodore Gein was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, on August 27, 1906, to an alcoholic father and domineering mother, who taught her son that women and sex were evil. Gein was raised, along. Ed Gein, geboren in 1906 in Wisconsin, groeide op in een repressief huishouden dat wordt gedomineerd door een controlerende moeder. Na haar dood in 1945 viel zijn geestelijke gezondheid uiteen. Nadat Gein werd aangehouden als verdachte bij een moord in 1957, leverde het onderzoek van zijn huis een zeer gestoorde man op die menselijke organen en. Ed Gein. Edward Theodore Gein ( Condáu de La Crosse, Wisconsin, Estaos Xuníos, 27 d'agostu de 1906 - Madison, Wisconsin, 26 de xunetu de 1984) foi un asesín y Robu de cuerpos lladrón de tumbes estauxunidense Ed Gein. Edward Theodore Gein (født 27. august 1906 i La Crosse County i Wisconsin, USA, død 26. juli 1984 i Madison i Dane County, Wisconsin, USA) var en beryktet seriemorder fra USA. Kun to personer ble bekreftet drept, men det er mistanke om at han drepte totalt seks

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Ed Gein.Fue un asesino y ladrón de cadáveres estadounidense. Sus crímenes cometidos reunieron amplia notoriedad luego que las autoridades descubrieron que Gein había exhumado los cadáveres de los cementerios locales de moday trofeos y recuerdos de sus huesos y la piel Ed Gein: The Real Psycho is a surprisingly fun whistle past a graveyard. Documentary film producer and paranormal investigator Steve Shippy heard the infamous proto-serial killer is still haunting. Ed Gein was born in 1906 in Plainfield, Wisconsin. He led what most would consider a very simple life. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother was a very religious person; she was a majo

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Episode 172: Ed Gein Part I - Oddball. Released: Jan 1, 1970. It's finally Gein time as we cover the origin of Wisconsin's real life bogeyman and just what his mother did to make Eddie Gein into the inspiration for Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs, and countless others. Episode 172: Ed Gein Part I - Oddball Ed Gein - Part 1. The Butcher of Plainfield, Ed Gein has launched an industry of American horror movies. You may or may not be familiar with the name Ed Gein, but you probably have heard of Alfred Hitchcock's black and white thriller Psycho or maybe as a teenager, watching the drive thru movie slaughter fest, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. READ MORE: Ed Gein: 7 Horror Movies Inspired the Body Snatcher and Murderer Gein was a quiet farmer who lived in rural Wisconsin with an extremely domineering mother. After she died in 1945, he.

Ed Gein. Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27th, 1906 to George Philip Gein and Augusta Wilhelmine Gein. He had an older brother named Henry George Gein. His mother Augusta hated her husband as he was an alcoholic who couldn't hold down a job and had worked various types of jobs including a carpenter, tanner, and insurance salesman Ed Gein nació y se crió en una granja a las afueras de un pueblo llamado Plainfield (condado de La Crosse, Wisconsin), fruto de la unión de George, un alcohólico maltratador que se caracterizaba por su falta de devoción hacia su familia, y Augusta. Ella, que era una fanática religiosa con fuertes convicciones que despreciaba a los hombres. Ed Gein Serial Killer Happy Face True Crime Funny Gothic Halloween Horror Gift Mug. MidnightRun88. 5 out of 5 stars. (643) £12.99 FREE UK delivery. Add to Favourites

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Edward Theodore Gein (Avgust 27, 1906 - Julij 26, 1984) je bil ameriški morilec, ki je deloval v okrožju svojega doma, v Plainfieldu, zvezna država Wisconsin. Ubil naj bi dva človeka, vendar sumijo, da je bila številka večja. Prav tako je znan po tem, da je izkopaval trupla iz lokalnih pokopališč, ki jih je razrezal in razkosal Ed Gein, or as it's known throughout the rest of the world In the Light of the Moon, is a movie based rather tightly around the real life story of American murderer Ed Gein, who was the inspiration for stories like Psycho, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Silence of the Lambs. This movie is a low budget telling of the life of Gein. Ed Gein. Ed Gein was a middle-of-the-road American virtually indistinct from any other. That is, until Green Lake County sheriffs laid eyes on the grisly trophies and skinned body of Gein's latest victim. Operating off a tip, law enforcement in 1957 was stunned at the horror of tearing the veil off Gein's hidden horror funhouse Ed Gein's Childhood. Ed was born in 1906 in La Crosse County near his future horror house that was located in Plainfield, Wisconsin. As a child little Eddie had a trouble getting along with other children in school because of the fact that he was a shy, distant and odd little boy Edward Theodore Gein (/ɡiːn/; August 27, 1906 - July 26, 1984), also known as The Butcher of Plainfield, was an American murderer and body snatcher.His crimes, committed around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, gathered widespread notoriety after authorities discovered that Gein had exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin

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His name was Ed Gein, and in 1957 the people of Plainfield, Wisconsin saw another side of the man they thought was only a quirky store owner. Gein wasn't originally thought to be a criminal at all. Most people in his hometown of Plainfield just thought he was a regular guy, a little strange, but pretty normal Ed Gein inspired more horror films than any other killer in American history. He is the stuff of nightmares because he was beyond anything the self-denial of the Father Knows Best Americana could handle. He was an awakening in the hearts and minds of the morally hypocritical boardroom killers who went home and pretended to care about God and community; he violated many taboos and perhaps more. Ed Gein'in Ailesi. Ed Gein dört kişilik bir ailenin ferdiydi. Alkolik bir baba, aşırı dindar bir anne ve abi Henry. Annesine büyük bir aşkla bağlıydı ve annesinin fazla dindar tutumu onu çok etkiliyordu. 1945 yılında annesi de öldüğünde artık tek başına kalmıştı

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